The next step in the process is to construct any dormer windows.

The section of roof is cut away where the dormer window is going and the dormer is constructed bespoke, on site using graded timber specified by our Structural Engineer.

Once the dormer frame is built and secured we ply-line the sides and front of the dormer. This method ensures that the dormer has good strength and stability to withstand strong winds.

After the ply-line is fitted we cover the entire dormer in a breathable membrane. The dormer is then cross battened and tiled.

We then fit all the external materials including fascia board, guttering and flashings then the dormer is finished from the exterior.

For pitched roof dormer the existing roof tiles are re used on the new dormer roof to keep the dormer looking part of the original structure. All external material colors such as fascia board, soffits and guttering are matched to the existing property.