Gettling Your Loft Plans & Building Reg's

Upon deciding that Access is the company for you we will arrange a start date and you will have been given a time scale for the project duration. So, the time has come for us to start work. All the Surveys have been carried out, all the plans have been drawn up, all the relevant authorities have informed and necessary paperwork has been obtained. The first stage of construction is getting the scaffolding erected. Unlike most companies at Access we erect scaffolding on both Velux and Dormer Conversions so that there is no need to have access to you property while the construction work is going on. All work is carried out through your existing roof so your home is free of dust, materials and workmen during the conversion and can remain as a home as the work progresses. Usually 1-2 days before the project is due to start the scaffolding will be erected around the relevant sides of the property. On the day of the arranged start date your team of workmen will arrive to begin work and the materials will arrive on site. Usually most materials are stored on the drive though alternative arrangements can be made where this is not possible. If possible you may be asked if we can store some materials in a safe place.