Loft Conversions Windsor with a 10 Year Guarantee

Windsor MapAccess Loft Conversions is a professional loft conversion company operating throughout the UK. We are based in Reading but we also have regional offices with locally-based teams in many of the most desired places to live in the country including Windsor. In addition to the town itself, Access Loft Conversions Windsor team also covers the surrounding area and the towns of Eton and Maidenhead.

About Windsor and Its Housing Market

Windsor is a town in Berkshire County, located some 20 miles west of London city centre. The town is famous throughout the world for the specular Windsor Castle which serves as the royal residence. It was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century as a motte-and-bailey which, however, didn’t look anything like the present Castle whose appearance largely dates from the 19th century.

The Castle made Windsor a very popular tourist destination, while its location and quality of life made it one of the most desirable places to live in Berkshire. This also reflects high demand for Windsor houses which is expected to continue to grow and with it, the prices too. In fact, house prices in the area are forecast to increase for over 30% which is more than in London where house prices are estimated to increase for about 25%.

Expand Your Property with Access Loft Conversions

If you want to expand your property, Access Loft Conversions Windsor team can help. Our team consists of qualified, experienced and highly professional engineers, architects, CAD technicians and tradesmen who will make sure that all works meet the highest quality standards (all our works come with a 10 year guarantee!) and comply with all regulations and local legislation, and of course, meet each and every client’s specific needs and requirements. We at Access Loft Conversions understand that there are many different types of needs and to accommodate them all, our services are tailor made to every client’s specific requirements and situation.

Windsor lofe conversion

We offer free survey of your property and free, no obligation quote. If you choose to work with our company, we can also take care of the plans, Planning Permission/Building Regulations approval, Building Inspector and Licensed Electrician, erection of scaffolding and post-construction cleanup. So call 0800 907 8575 today to discuss your needs and set a date for survey of your property by our Windsor based consultants.