Quality Loft Conversions in Maidenhead

Maidenhead MapAccess Loft Conversions is a specialist for converting empty lofts into fully functional bedrooms, bathrooms, gyms, … according to our client’s requirements. We have head offices across the UK including Maidenhead and the surrounding area.

About Maidenhead and Its Housing Market

Maidenhead is a town in Berkshire about 25 miles west of London City Centre. History of the town dates back to the Saxon times when a wharf was built on the riverside area. It is also mentioned in the Domesday Book as South Ellington. In the later Middle Ages, it came to be called Maidenhythe providing the basis for the modern name.

The best known landmark, the Maidenhead Bridge was built in the second half of the 12th century although the present-day bridge dates from the 1770s. The growth of the area corresponds with the completion of the Bridge which transformed Maidenhead into a popular stopping point for those travelling between Bath and London. The town also experienced major growth after the arrival of the Great Western Railway in the 19th century when the High Street also got its Victorian style appearance.

Today, Maidenhead is considered one of the best places to live in this part of England. Housing market is thus very strong despite the fact that the prices are quite high – even higher from those in Central London. The average price for a 4-bedroom house is about £500,000 while some houses in the Riverside area sell at up to £10 million.

Experience, Expertise and Professionalism

Access Loft Conversions Maidenhead team has the experience and expertise to covert your loft into a functional room/space professionally yet cost-effectively. We are working with highly professional people who are experts in their trades and have been converting lofts nationwide for more than 15 years. And over these years, they have helped hundreds of home owners create extra space and avoid moving costs.

We are very proud to offer a complete service from planning to obtaining all the permits/approvals and carrying out all the works. But we would also like to emphasise that our clients have the ability to choose between several different packages including Part Builds which is intended for those who want to be more involved in their project.

Professional loft conversion in Maidenhead

We are available for further information through our website and by phone on the number 0800 907 8575.