All Types of Loft Conversions in Hounslow

Hounslow MapWith an aim to help our Hounslow clients achieve the best results, we offer different types of loft conversions including Truss, Dormer and Velux. But we also offer our clients the ability to choose between different packages. We have the professionals, experience and expertise to take care of everything including design, permits/approvals and installation. But we are also happy to undertake Part Builds and Builds Only. Always putting maximum effort into delivering the highest quality service. Hounslow and the surrounding North East London areas are served by Access Loft Conversions Hounslow office.

About Hounslow and Its Housing Market

Hounslow is a town in the Borough of Hounslow, located about 10 miles south west of the City Centre. One of the main London’s economic hubs traces its history back to the early 13th century; it developed around Holy Trinity Priory. Over the years, the small village grew into a town which became a very popular stopping point for travellers on the way to and from the capital. In the 1530s, the Priory was disbanded but the town of Hounslow survived and continued to be an thriving stopping point for those travelling on the Bath Road.

The opening of the Great Western Railway in the late 1830s made the traditional road travel between London and Bristol a matter of the past which severely hit towns and villages such as Hounslow. A few years after the opening of the Railway, the town was reported to seriously decline. Things began to improve after the opening of the Hounslow Loop Line in the mid-19th century and after a few years, the town’s population and economy started to grow again.

Another major turning point in history of Hounslow was the opening of the Great West Road in the second decade of the 20th century. The Road made the town an attractive destination for many companies and factories, and thus Hounslow emerged as one of London’s top economic hubs. The majority of factories closed their doors by the 1970s, giving way to offices and service industry businesses which continue to provide most jobs in the Borough to this day.

In comparison to the London average, home prices in Hounslow are significantly lower. Terraced houses sell at an average price of £295,000, while semi-detached properties go for about £375,000.

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Loft Conversion in Hounslow

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