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Godalming MapAccess Loft Conversions’ work is based on more than 15 years of nationwide experience and comprehensive local knowledge. We have regional teams and offices in many locations in Britain and Godalming is among them as well. Covering the town and the surrounding areas, Access Loft Conversions Godalming team has the knowledge of local issues which combined with our “national” experience, commitment to quality and dedication to customer satisfaction always brings the best results at the best prices in the industry.

About Godalming and Its Housing Market

Godalming is a small market town in Surrey and London commuter belt, located about 30 miles southwest of London City Centre. Its history dates back to at least the Saxon times; many historians believe that it might even be older. Like the nearby Guildford (the towns are only 4 miles apart), Godalming is mentioned in the will of Alfred the Great (849-899) and the Domesday Book; in latter’s as William the Conqueror’s holding.

During the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period, Godalming was a lively town which grew in size slowly but steadily. Most historians believe that its location, more specifically being midway between London and Portsmouth, made it a popular stopping point for travellers. The town’s location and its proximity to the UK capital continued to play an important role in the later growth as well. After the arrival of the railway providing fast connection to London and later to Portsmouth, Godalming became one of the most popular commuter towns and remains highly desirable place to live for commuters to this day.

Proximity to London, excellent transport links, earnings higher than national average, excellent employment opportunities and high quality of life are also reflected in high demand for Godalming properties and of course, property prices which grew more than 8% since last year. House prices vary greatly; they also depend greatly on location. Last year the overall average price for a property in Godalming was roughly £430,000.

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Loft Conversion in Godalming

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