What about Planning Permission and Building Regulations?

Some conversions require Planning Permission and all have to adhere to Building Regulations. The quote you receive will include the preparation and submission of Plans to your local authority. We serve the appropriate notices and liaise with the authorities on your behalf.

What sort of disruption should I expect?

Any disruption to the householder is kept to a minimum. At Access we have a policy of working from outside on both Velux and Dormer conversions and only when it is absolutely necessary do we come inside.

Are you insured to carry out the work on my premises?

Yes, we have full liability insurance to cover us for all work undertaken on your property.

Who supervises the work and carries out quality control?

Our Contracts Managers will supervise the workmen on site and the Building Regulations Inspector will make regular inspections.

Will you organize plumbing?

Yes. We will quote to have all your plumbing requirements plumbed and installed. The only thing we don’t provide are the bathroom suites themselves.

Can my loft be converted?

At a general glance into you loft you might think that there is no possibility of converting it due to the all the W shaped trusses or the large A shape King Post Truss. All these obstacles can be remove by upgrading the roof and re supporting from either steel or large timbers that span the length of the loft.

How long does a loft conversion take?

For an average sized Velux conversion depending of the scope of work and personal requirements we aim to have completed within 4 weeks. For a Dormer Conversion we aim to have complete within 5 weeks.

How much does a loft conversion cost?

The cost of a conversion can vastly vary from job to job and be heavily down to your personal requirements. A great way to get a budget cost is by completing our online quote system. This will give you an idea of cost within 48 hours and once complete will give you a good indication of the cost implications.

I have a water tank in my loft, is it possible to have it moved?

Generally water tanks are a usual feature in most lofts and it is usually a simple process to relocate them using our plumbers.

Is it possible to have a bathroom or en-suite in my loft?

Bathrooms/en-suites are always a great way to add that extra wow factor to your conversion. Generally they are possible but consideration need to be taken for location to ensure that it is possible to pick up existing soil pipes etc and if the existing system is adequate to pump hot and cold water up there. These details will be discussed during your consultation.